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Best Ideas to Do in December in Marbella

Costa del Sol is where abundant sunshine and warm temperatures grace us year-round, which makes the winter ambiance more pleasant. To ensure you’re well-prepared for Marbella’s winter charm, dive into our insider’s guide. Discover how to make the most of your time in Marbella during the winter season and relish every moment of your stay.

In this guide, we’ll explore the options that Marbella offers for those seeking activities on the festive season.

Is it worth going to Marbella in December?

December in Marbella embraces a different charm, one that is often overlooked by summer sun-seekers. While the summer crowds have dispersed, the town comes alive with a distinct winter allure.

The mild temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius and the sunny sky makes Marbella a warm and pleasant place to spend December and escape the cold.

The best part? In December the sun rises at 8AM and sets at 6PM in the evening , maximizing the joy of having 10 hours of sunlight daily.

Althought it mostly never snows, the festive spirit is still present with beautifully decorated streets with Christmas lights throughout December and January. We will break down a common misconception, Marbella doesn’t close down for winter. Restaurants continue to serve local cuisine and shops remain open to cater to both locals and visitors enjoying the unique winter charm of this coastal town. Is not unusual to have lunch with your family and friends by the sea, in a chiringuito outside.

The climate also provides a pleasant environment for many outdoor activities, including water-based adventures.

Can you still swim in Marbella in December?

While the sea may be cooler, for the brave souls, yes! The mild winter temperatures might find the coolness of the water invigorating. The beaches are less crowded, providing a serene environment for those seeking a peaceful swim, snorkeling or diving. During winter season the sea is even more crystal-clear in Marbella.

Activity Ideas in December

Here are out top rated and unique activities you should try in December in Marbella:

Indoor Activities

  • Live music performance and Flamenco Shows in Bars
  • Theatre
  • Cinema
  • Visit Art Galleries
  • Shopping
  • Nighlife Clubbing

Outdoor Adventures

  • Walks on the Paseo Maritimo (from San Pedro de Alcántara to Marbella there is a complete 12km paseo along the beach)
  • Beach Yoga or Workout
  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Surfing/Kitesurfing
  • Sailing – while being on a coastal city, why not take advantage and do something unique and appreciate the sea from a different perspective, without making a physical effort? Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or first-timer on a boat, rent a boat and explore the stunning coastline of Marbella and the marine life if offers.
  • Attraction Parks
  • Day trips around the coast or in the Andalucian towns

Holiday Activities: Christmas and New Years

  • Christmas Market in Marbella
  • Christmas Concerts and Parades
  • New Year in Puerto Banus – Puerto Banus stands out as the ultimate luxurious place in Marbella to welcome the New Year. It ensures a glamorous celebration with the multiple bars around, while watching the fireworks from the pontoon.
  • The beauty of Spanish Christmas season is celebrated on Three Kings Day – after New Years the emphasis is put on 6th of January, when the Three Kings came with presents for the baby Jesus. On the evening of the 5th of January and the morning of the 6th, there are processions through the streets of Marbella illustrating the Three Kings on large floats carried around the town. They play music and throw candy to kids in the crowds. If you travel to Marbella in the winter, you don’t want to miss out on this!
  • Outside Marbella activities you can’t miss out: the famous Málaga Christmas Lights on Calle Larios and skiing in Granada


In conclusion, for those seeking a winter escape, December in Marbella provides so many cozy indoor and adventureous outdoor activities, ensuring a holiday season filled with exploration and relaxation.

If you want to embrace the winter waves and create memorable sea adventures, you can contact us.