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Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching included in all our activities

Few things can compare to the feeling of freedom you will feel when watching dolphins play and swim in the sea. This is an activity aimed at the whole family that will not leave young or old indifferent.

On our coast we are lucky to have three species of dolphins that inhabit its waters permanently; the common dolphin, the skipjack and the bottlenose. as well as large cetaceans and many other species that pass sporadically on their migrations to the Strait of Gibraltar. bluefin tuna, sunfish or sea turtles among others.

Both in private outings and in group excursions, our main objective is that clients can live the experience of sailing with these friendly mammals and even bathe near them.

The Catamaran is the most suitable boat to enjoy these encounters since when sailing and without motor these animals feel more confident. And thanks to the stability conferred by its two hulls, the spaciousness of its spaces and the bow seats, it will be possible to photograph and record the dolphins with complete peace of mind while they play underfoot.

Although these are wild animals in the wild in a very extensive environment such as the sea, we pride ourselves on having a success rate in their sighting of almost 100%.

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