Today the way of seeing our holidays is changing, although before we thought of relaxed, calm trips based on tourism and / or culture is now looking for the most extravagant things and avoid the monotony of the typical trip.

The new generation of vacationers does not settle for renting an apartment or house with family or friends or booking a hotel, but goes beyond looking for new experiences that offer much more, and is among these where boat rental is gaining more and more strength.

When renting a boat for your holidays, it is essential to know how many people are going to live on board and for how long. A boat is a normally reduced space where comfort and intimacy can be absent at certain times. Whether it’s a few hours trip, day trips, full weeks or even months, the best option would be to choose a sailing catamaran in front of a monohull or motor boat.

Here’s our top 5 to justify our choice:


Greater space, greater luminosity, greater comfort, better panoramic views, etc. The useful area of the catamarans is much larger than that of monohull sailboats. For this reason, when you choose a catamaran you get almost twice as much sleeve in boats of the same length, which translates into greater comfort for the crew. On a catamaran everything is on the same level which allows that the communication and conviviality during your crossing is very pleasant.


When we think about renting a boat, the first thing we usually think about is renting a motor boat, but whether you want to enjoy a few hours of sailing or if you plan a longer holiday, it is better to opt for sailing boats because of their lower fuel costs. In addition, the maximum capacity of people on board the catamarans is higher in comparison with monohull sailboats of the same length, which will allow us to share the rental costs among more passengers.


As a general rule a catamaran is able to reach a speed 20% higher than a monohull sailboat of equal length, allowing us to make voyages in less time. Among the reasons that allow it is the best hydrodynamics present in catamarans thanks to which there will be less friction with water that translates into a higher speed.


Thanks to its reduced draught, it can pass and approach places where a monohull could not even consider. This advantage can be very appreciated when looking for a cove to anchor, find shelter in a storm, take a dip in shallow areas or take the best picture of your vacation. Sometimes it will not be necessary to use the tender to access the beaches.


With two hulls, the stability of a catamaran is much greater, as well as the possibility of almost no tipping over. Thanks to this, heel is avoided during navigation, providing greater safety for people less familiar with sailing. This stability is also advantageous when making the anchorages because we will notice a smaller roll of the boat during the same and will also allow less dizziness on the part of the crew.

As a sixth advantage we could speak of “To be at the last moment”: the rent of boats is a way to enjoy our holidays increasingly demanded. Within sailing boats catamarans are gaining more and more strength being in each summer season more requested. The advantages of a catamaran for a long voyage and life on board are hardly comparable to a monohull. All this has meant that the cruise catamaran market has been growing at a high speed in recent years, being today France and the United States the pioneers, although fortunately many countries are investing in this new fashion offering a wide range of models, lengths, performance, etc….

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