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How much does it cost to rent a boat in Marbella?

a harbor filled with water and a mountain in the background
Marbella is a gem along the Mediterranean coast, is a dream destination for those craving sun, sea, adventure and water activities all year long. If you’ve ever wondered about the cost of renting a boat in Marbella, let’s explore the various options and pricing for your desired experience.

What are the benefits of renting a boat?

Escape from the crowded beaches, chart your own course through the Mediterranean Sea, and soak up the sun in total privacy. Discover new beaches, breathtaking landscapes of the mountains from the sea and the different marinas along the coast. The costs can be very minimal and the experience is quite unique.

Additionally there are a variety of water activities you can try: jetski ride, snorkeling paddle surfing, banana/donut ride, parasailing, e-foils surfing and even fishing.

Marbella offers favorable sailing conditions year-round, with the summer months offering warm temperatures and calm seas, ideal for water experiences. Alternatively, spring and autumn provide milder weather and fewer crowds, perfect for a relaxed sailing journey.

So let’s dive in!

Choosing the Ideal Boat

Whether seeking a sailing experience or a luxury experience, in Marbella you’ll find a wide range of boats available for rental, ensuring you’ll find one that matches your preferences, needs and budget. With professional crew members to cater to your need.

From elegant motor yachts and spacious catamarans to classic sailboats, your choice hinges on the experience you desire and your group size. Here’s a breakdown of popular boat types:

  • Motor Yachts: Ideal for a luxurious, lavish experience. These boats are perfect for celebrations or corporate incentives and often come equipped with a variety of watertoys.
  • Sailboats: A classic choice for sailing enthusiasts. Sailboats offer a relaxed, wind-powered adventure and a taste of traditional seafaring life at an affordable price.
  • Catamarans: Popular for stability, space, and comfort. Catamarans are excellent for larger groups and are often chosen for special celebrations and very family friendly.
  • Speedboats: A choice for adventure-seeking souls. You can find option with skipper or without skipper.

How much does a rental cost?

The cost of a boat rental in Marbella varies, contingent on factors like the season, the vessel type, size, cruise duration and extra services, but the cost of renting a boat in Marbella starts from as little as 100€.

As a general guideline, here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

Motor Yachts

A motoryacht can start from €550 for 2 hours charter. Full-day rental can go from €2,000 to €5,000, while the 70-80ft luxury yachts, that are more larger and opulent options can range from €5,000 up to 10,000€ a day. However, the larger the yacht the more amenities and watertoys they have.


Renting a sailboat range from €300 for chartering 2 hours to €1,500 for a full day.


Catamarans are typically more budget-friendly for the comfort offered, priced between €550 for 2 hours to €2,000 for a full day.


Speedboats are smaller, therefore the cost is around 450€ for a half-day cruise.

License-free boats

Not all boats require a license to drive, so this is a perfect option to experience driving the boat by yourself. From 100€/hour is the most budget-friendly option you can find in Marbella. Up to 450€ for a full day!

The rental cost typically covers the boat itself, fuel, crew and basic equipment such as life jackets and navigational tools. Some rentals include drinks and catering or water sports equipment. Ensure you review the rental agreement’s terms and conditions for a clear understanding of what’s included.

Renting with a skipper ensures a smooth and secure sailing experience. Skippers are the local experts guiding you to the coastline and discover marine life like dolphins. On the other hand, renting without a skipper grants you the freedom to be your own captain. Prioritize safety by verifying the specific requirements and qualifications before opting for skipper-free rental.

How many marinas does Marbella have?

  • Puerto Banús: Known for luxury yachts, boutiques, dining and lifestyle. Definitely here you’ll find the most variery of boats and watersports to choose from. The only marina with luxurious yacht options.
  • Puerto Deportivo Marbella Virgen del Carmen: Centrally located with easy access to the Old Town and city amenities.
  • Marina La Bajadilla: A tranquil and traditional fishing marina to visit.
  • Cabopino: A tranquil and small marina, surrounded by beach restaurants. Here you’ll find watersports options.

What can I explore by boat around Marbella:

Going west:

  • Victor’s beach and Nikki Beach: where all yachts like to anchor for the luxury vibes and cocktails onboard.
  • Estepona: charming spanish town, surrounded by marine life.
  • Sotogrande, Puerto de la Duquesa: unique colourful, tranquil and luxurious marina in Costa del Sol.
  • Gibraltar: stunning views of the Rock of Gibraltar and opening to the Gibraltar Straigh.

Going east:

  • Playa del Cable: explore the remains of an old maritime loading dock and the largest beach of Marbella.
  • Cabopino: intimate beach with the most fine sand, located 13km away from Marbella.
  • La Cala de Mijas: relaxed beach town with beautiful beaches.

Booking Tips and Considerations

To ensure a smooth boat rental experience and high quality planning, it’s recommended to book in advance, particularly during the busy summer season.

The best and easiest way to book a yacht, sailboat, catamaran or speedboat is through our 24/7 online booking system and contact our booking agent for any additional requests.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.